According to experts, the term "Spring Festival" began in 1989 by the Chinese media are widely used in about 40 days time, the flow of the population of over 30 million passengers, accounting for 1/2 of the world's population, the scale of the , so that the public transport system in the Mainland unbearable. Although the government and related departments have been trying to find a solution, but in the face of the huge flow of people, is still difficult to meet all demand for the Spring Festival return home. Last year Hi Car Rental launched in the capital, "Hey, go home" activities, will be full of creative win the welcome return home crowd, and received widespread media attention. This year, a Hi Car is the leading brand of hand in herbal tea JDB launch "with your Hi home" public interest during Spring Festival activities 1000 free or 10% off car rental places sent, which shows a Hi sincerity in assisting the spring of Spring Festival return home to the family is also full of deep concern. A Hi the Car Rental relevant person in charge said that the Spring Festival travel season for a Hi, peak of more than just a business, it is a best time to fulfill corporate social responsibility. Class enterprise as transport services, a car rental Hi has always regarded "as its mission to improve people travel conditions, the face of the Spring Festival return home difficult problem, a Hi opened a home for the majority of living in a foreign land, the wandering green channel, practical action to warm their home away, to help them to set foot on the reunion tour more comfortable. In this context, along with the expansion of the overall size of the car rental industry and enterprise service level continues to improve, becoming the fourth Spring Festival travel outside the mainstream in trains, planes, coach transportation car rental home. In this process, the leading role of the star enterprises can not be ignored, they launched a variety of activities during the spring for the Chinese New Year has brought a positive energy, making car rental more deeply, a Hi Car "Hi home" public Spring Festival, a series of activities It is very typical representatives. During the Spring Festival nearly of the media, a hot topic on the network is nationwide attention during Spring Festival, the largest in the history, periodic human Great Migration. Here, train tickets, bus difficult grab, airline tickets is difficult to have a discount, "the home difficult" problems will linger in the heart of the wanderer. However, as the domestic car industry, services, and constantly improve on the scale, so that now people go home to have a more comfortable new choice - to rent a car. . As a leader in the car rental industry, a car rental Hi inherited public service theme for the help during Spring Festival last year, 2013 re-launch of the charity during Spring Festival activities "with you Hey, go home", free car rental places in five cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu fiery open grab in.